Congratulations to Our 4 New EmBraces Winners!

We are thrilled to announce that we have chosen 3 winners of our fourth EmBraces contest!

Colby, Blake (Grade 6), and Parker (Age 15) were chosen based on their stories of overcoming bullying. Each winner will receive free orthodontic treatment from Fishbein Orthodontics!


Blake is 10 years old, preparing to enter 6th grade. He loves to sing, and he loves participating in various clubs and programs. Blake enjoys singing in his school’s chorus, but this year he has ‘given up’ on chorus. He feels that his smile holds him back in life. Although Blake loves to smile, he doesn’t like to show his teeth or make eye contact with others. He is worried about the opinions of his peers, who make unkind comments about the gaps between Blakes teeth.

Blake’s brother, Colby, is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. Blake sees how much confidence his brother is gaining from his orthodontic treatment, and Blake hopes to experience the same confidence in his smile.

As one of our winners, Blake will receive free orthodontic treatment with us. Blake, we are so grateful to be able to offer you this opportunity!


Not only is Blake one of our winners, but his brother, Colby, is also a winner of our fourth EmBraces contest! Colby is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment with us, but prior to treatment, Colby was also bullied by his peers. Receiving orthodontic treatment has changed his life. Colby is gaining more confidence in his smile by the day.

As one of our EmBraces winners, Colby will receive the rest of his orthodontic treatment at no cost!


Parker is 15 years old and extremely intelligent! He is an aspiring actor, but finds it difficult to focus on his acting skills; he feels that his smile is standing in the way of his dreams. Parker has been bullied by his peers for as long as he can remember. He is diagnosed with high-functioning autism, which made him feel different from everyone else. Parker is concerned with the way his peers perceive his teeth. He says braces would take a lot of stress out of his life and allow him to focus on school and acting.

Parker, we are so excited to see how far you go in life! As one of our EmBraces winners, you will receive free treatment with us at Fishbein Orthodontics.

About Embraces

Dr. Fishbein launched the EmBraces anti-bullying initiative to take a stand against bullying and educate students on the importance of accepting others. EmBraces strives to reward champions of inclusiveness and positivity throughout the community, just like Colby, Blake and Parker.

Throughout this program, we hope to build a network of young ambassadors who spread positivity and education on the importance of embracing others. In addition to receiving free treatment, one of the three winners will become a Fishbein EmBraces Anti-Bullying Ambassador!

At the end of summer, one of the six winners from both rounds will be chosen to be the Fishbein Embraces Anti-Bullying Ambassador for the ‘19-‘20 school year and receive a $2,500 scholarship.

Learn more about our second and third round of winners here, and more about our first round of winners here!

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